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Wet 'N Stick Hoopless FWS81210

Floriani Wet 'N Stick is a tearaway, hoopless, stablizer that is specifically designed for hard-to-hoop items. This adhesive-backed stabilizer allows you to secure socks, collars, neckties, etc. so that they can be easily embroidered; all you do is hoop the stablizer! This roll size is 12" x 10 yds.
Ref # Not003140

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Sharpener For Rotary Blades

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Tada Triangles 2"

Tada Triangles 2-1/2"

Tada Triangles 3"

Tada Triangles 4"

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Handeze Gloves Sz. 4 Pair

Quick Easy Mitered Binding Tool

6" x 12" Ruler QID

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Embellishment Koo Koo Puff SEA17

Embellishment The Clampetts SEA18

Embellishment Tweedle Dum SEA19

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Cut Around 19" - 30"

Stiff Stuff 5 Pack

Bias Tape Maker 1/4"

Finger Presser

Mechanical Pencil Refill Lead -- Pink

Longarm Centering Tape

Amazing Tape 1/2" clear

Cut Around 4" - 12"

Nylon Lint Brush #906

Olfa Rotary Mat RM-CG 18"x12"

Olfa Rotary Mat RM-SG 18"x24"

Handy Helper Magnetic Bowl

Melon Block Template

Olfa Frosted 6-1/2" Ruler

Hanging Ruler Holder Oak

17" No Slip Hoop

Perfect Stick FPS1210 12" x 10 Yds

Beige No Sho Nylon Mesh FMBE1210

Dream Weave White 3 Yds

Corsage Pins 10/Pkg

Magnetic Pin Caddy

Best Press Caribbean Beach

Best Press Citrus Grove

Best Press Lavender Fields

Yo-Yo Maker Large Heart

Yo-Yo Maker Small Round 30mm

Scissors 5" Micro Tip

Quarter Square Triangle OMG98L

Olie Button Pack

Hillcreek Pak Olie

Hillcreek Pak Sven

Large Jack O'Lantern Scary Buddies

Hillcreek Pack Bunch O'Pumpkins


Fasturn Set

Wheel of Mystery Templates 12"

Schmetz Emb. Needles 75/11

Bobbin Box Heavy Duty D505

28 mm Rotary Blades 5 Pack

Omnigrid 6-1/2" Square Ruler

Large Eye Betweens Sz 9 Needles

Cutting Mat 18 x 24 2" Grid

Cutting Mat 24 x 36 2" Grid

Wrinkle Remover Spray

Easy Rule II 882670141

Add-A-Quarter 6" Pink

Add-A-Quarter 12" Pink

Appli-Kay Wonder 9"x3 yards

Appli-Kay Wonder 18"x3 yards

17" Rotating Olfa Mat

Fred Rabbit Button Pack

Frannie Rabbit Button Pack

Ride'em Cowboy Button Pack

Cowgirl Button Pack

My Cowboy Button Pack

Cleaning Kit Deluxe MTK-B

Bag-Accessory/Computer BGAC

12" Cowboy On Horse Hanger

5" Santa Craft Holder

7.5" Tree Craft Hanger

5" Pumpkin Craft Hanger

7.5" Cowboy On Horse Craft Holder

Sandpaper Workboard

Quilter's Rule 12 1/2" Square

202 Spray And Fix

Yo-Yo Maker Large #8701

Yo-Yo Maker X-Large #8703

Yo-Yo Maker Heart Small #8704

Yo-Yo Maker X-Small #8702

Quick Bias CLO700.TBP

Sidewinder Bobbin Winder

Applique Fun Embroidery Club

6.5" Pansy Hanger

7.5" Teddy Bear Hanger

Fish Buttons for Oscar The Cat Wallhanging

Teddy Bear Button Pak Hillcreek

Class 15 Metal Bobbin

Best Press Scent Free

Borders Made Easy #101

Borders Made Easy #115

Borders Made Easy #113

Borders Made Easy #404

Borders Made Easy #406

Craft Holder 5" Star

Craft Holder 5" Tree

Craft Holder 6" Star

Craft Holder 7.5" Snowflake

Craft Holder 22" Trip-Tic Snowflake

Craft Holder 6" Heart

Small Tapestry Case - - Compact

Borders Made Easy #402

10" Heavy Embroidery Hoop

10 Pack Longarm Bobbins Bronze

Fabric Eraser C35

Supreme Slider Sheet

Set C Bonus Shape Template

Set A Basic Shapes Templates

Extendable Metal Gadget Pickup

Clothesline 100 Ft Poly

Starmaker 8 Ruler

Quilt Label Stork Delivery #CCQ487A

Quilt Label Wedding Doves CCQ461A

Quick Bias 1/4" Lead

Pin Point Tweezers PP012

Chaco Liner Slim Yellow

Precision Tweezers

Teflon Pressing Sheet 2431

16.5" Square Lap Board

Lint Roller Refill

Quilt Label School Supplies 417

Quilt Label Dinosauer 460

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

Hydration Pack

Yo-Yo Maker Large Flower

Yo-Yo Maker Jumbo Round

D-Rings 3/4" Gold

Color Wheel Large

Curved Safety Pins size 1

Tada Small HST Combo

Heat N' Sta F. Tear. FHS1225

Wrist Grabbit Magnetic Pincusion

1" Cotton Webbin Natural

Scrap Sack Support

Storage Box Scrap Therapy

Scrap Therapy Button

Scrap Therapy Tote Bag

Quiltsmart 58" Lone Star

Quilter's Design Mirrors

No Slip Hoop Tape

Vinyl Bag 7 x 10

Vinyl Bag

TADA triangles 5" half square triangle

Bubble Jet Set 2000 16 oz.

Triangles on a Roll H200

Triangles on a Roll H250

Patchwork Pins CL232

Boarders Made Easy #103

Brandy's Yo-Yo Template

Tweezer 4 PC set

Quilters Magic Wand

Factis Eraser P12

Double Wedding Ring Quiltsmart

Quilter's 1/4" Tape 141C

Puff Quilting Clip Set small

Tucker Trimmer

Cover Button Kit 7/8"

Bobbin Tower

Best Press Cherry Blossoms

Best Press Scent-Free 32 oz.

7" Drunkards Path Templat EBD05

Texture Magic (Package)

Leather Belting 1/4" (10 ft pkg)

Proud to be a quilter button

Olfa 28mm Rotary Cutter

Texture Magic (Package) 47"x18"

Clearly Perfect Angles

Cut for the Cure NN-4 4" Square

Cut for the Cure NN714 7" X 14"

Wing Clipper DT07

Needle Threader NT-1

Darning Foot Low Shank Metal

The Angelina Sheet

Cotton Webbing Red 1"

Cotton Webbing Natural 1"

Cotton Webbing Tan 1"

Cotton Webbing Lamode 1" White

Cotton Webbing Lamode 1" Black

TaDa Fusible Triangles 1.75" Fin

TaDa Fusible Triangle 1.25" Fin

Hot Fix Helper Sheet

Angelina Fibers Aurora AG10322

Bag Rect. Rings .75" Nickel

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Bag Rect. Rings 1" Nickel

Bag Rect. Rings 1" Bronze

Bag Rect. Rings 1.25" Nickel

Bag Rect. Rings 1.25" Bronze

Wild Rose Corner Stencil #999

Lady Slipper 11" Stencil TB18

1.5" Cable Bdr W/Cnr Stencil #301

2" Border Stencil #118

Retro Flower Border #SF59

4" Feather Border Stencil WM52

Hearts Stencil #81

Small Flower Stencil #3

Cattails Stencil MS21

Feather Border WM52

1" Polypropylene Webbing Yellow

1" Polypropylene Webbing V. Blue

Tuscan Vine Stencil TB72

Tuscan Vine Stencil TB71 7"

Feathers/Curls Border Stencil SP15

Feather & Heart Bor Stencil BC1626

Feather Brd Stencil LD47

Perfect Placement Kit Towels

Little Gripper

Alphabet Bead Round White 2944-ZE.5

Button Assortment Blue

Button Assortment White

Crystal 100 pc Sapphire 4 mm

Triangles on a Roll Q350

Triangles on a Roll H450

Triangles on a Roll Q500

Triangles on a Roll H500

X-Lg Eyelet Tool

Grommet Kit 7/16" #44388

Grommets 7/16" Refill #44387

Patchwork Templates Set E

Fast 2 Cut Template Dresden Plate

Kaleidoscope Collection CD

24" Steam-A-Seam 2

Digital Velocity Steam Iron

Cotton Webbing 1" Navy

Handbag Frame Victorian Sm. Gold

Borders Made Easy #114

Borders Made Easy #407

Borders Made Easy #107

Borders Made Easy #104

Borders Made Easy #111

Borders Made Easy #116

Curtain Grommets #44370 Copper

Curtain Grommets #44363 Silver

Curtain Grommets #44362 Black

Curtain Grommets #44361 White

Curtain Grommets #44366 Bronze

Curtain Grommets #44367 Champagne

Curtain Grommets #44365 Brass

Curtain Grommets #44364 M. Gold

Curtain Grommets #44369 Ant. Gold

Curtain Grommets #44368 Pewter

1/4" Painstik Brush Set

Paintstik Set of 3 #STM-120909

3/8" Grommets Antique Brass 01-38

Cedar Canyon Brush Soap 7285A

Best Press Citrus Grove 32 oz

6" Bunny W/Dowel #66017

Flower Head Pins C155

Fine Glasshead Pins DRI61

Corsage Pins Pan60010

Borders Made Easy #105

Borders Made Easy #401

1" Poly/Propylene Web - Black

Vinyl Clear Bag 6" x 8"

45 MM Titanium Coated Rotary Blade

Magnetic Snap 3/4" Square Gilt

Magnetic Snap 3/4" Square Nickel

3/4 Magnetic Snap Gold 405G

Magnetic Snap 3/4" Silver 405S

Curved Safety Pins Size #1 #50371

Quilters Graph Paper #20133

Alex Anderson Teaches DVD

Angle Play Templates Set 3

Electric Quilt 7 Full Version

Handbag Frame Victorian Sm. Gold

Tearaway Med Black FTMB1210

Print N' Fuse PNF100 100 Sheets

Print N' Fuse PNF25 25 Sheets

Print N' Fuse PNF12 12 Sheets

Dahlia Classic Pack

3/8" Grommets Dri1-35

3/8" Grommets Nickel

Quilting Pins 500 PC

Thread Stand Heavy Duty

Tweezer Set 4 PC

Roxanne Betweens Lg Eye Size 10


Magnetic Snap 1/2" Ant Gold #6240

Magnetic Snap 3/4" Ant Gold #6244

Shape 'N Create White CL9503

Shape 'N Create Black CL9504

22" Craft Holder 3 Hearts Ac4207

Angelina Fibers AG20323

Applique Press Sheet 27 x30

Machinger's Quilter Gloves Size XS

Wrap 'N Fuse Piping CL9512

Square Squared DTS2

Sliding Markers For Measuring Tapes

1/4" Royal Grosgrain Ribbon

1-1/2" Poly Webbing Black 14882-D

Quilt Label Quilting Patches

Longarm Needles Groz #21



Ergonomic Seam Ripper

Ergonomic Seam Ripper

Shades SoftFuse

Gel Fine Point Marking Pen

Gel Fine Point Marking Pen

Double Angle Easy Mitered Binding

Half Rectangle Template

3-1/2" Small Paths Template

Frixion Erasable Gel Pen Set

Binding Buddy

Grommets 40mm Square Matte Black

Magic Heat Cutting Tool

Krinkle Magic Jenny Haskins

Coin Thimble Medium COL6014

EK Tweezer Bee Precision Tip

Curved Basting Pins Size 1 COL191

Tooltron Forceps (Hemostat)

Mastering the Mariner's Compass DVD

No Melt Mylar EZZ882670057A

Heat Press Batting Tape 1.5"

Flower Frill SM & MED Template

Flower Frill LRG & X-LRG

Chalk Mech. Pencil White

5" Santa with 1/4" dowel

5" Star with 1/4" dowel GR

7.5"Tree w/ 1/4 Dowel GR

5"Tree w/ 1/4 Dowel GR

6.5" Bear w/Face 3/8" dowel

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Sulky Iron on Transfer Pen

Magnetic Closure 1/2" Antique Brass

Magnetic Snap 1/2" Silver

Supreme Slider Queen

Wooden Hand Presser 3171

Quilt Label Collective Volume II

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Bosal Heat Moldable Stabilizer 20"x36"

Bosal Heat Moldable Double Sided Fusible

Ricky Tims' Stable Stuff Poly

Craf-Tex Heavyweight Nonwoven Stabilizer

Suede bear panel

Suede Panel Elk

Suede Panel Moose

Suede Panel Deer

Wedding Ring Templates

Inn-Spire Moldable Double-Sided

Frixion Pen Blue Heat Erase

Frixion Pen Asst 6pk Heat Erase

Frixion Pen Orange Heat Erase

Frixion Pen Purple Heat Erase

Frixion Pen Red Heat Erase

Roxanne #10 Sharps

Bobbin Saver Jumbo Red

Techy Clasp

Slim Line Box Blue

Slim Line Box Green

Safety Pins Size 1

Ergonomic Seam Ripper Small

90 Degree Double Strip Ruler

Spring Tension Embroidery Hoop 5"

Spring Tension Embroidery Hoop 7"

Clam Shell Accessories Case Med.Pe

Best Press Peaches & Cream 16oz

Needle Threader Extra Long Wire

Thread Snip Assortment

Deluxe Needle Threader

Wonder Clips

Wonder Clips 50 Ct

Steady Stiletto

Snowman Collector

Holiday Redwork

Feels Like Spring

Duckbill Applique Scissors 4 1/2"

P.M. Occasions to Remember

Wildflowers Embroidery CD

Olipfa 3" X 18" Ruler 16318

Roxanne Water Soluble Pencils

Create A Strap 5/8" 9510CV

Create A Strap 1-1/4" 9511CV

Create A Strap 1-1/4" 9502CV

Quick Trim Ruler 3.5" X 12.5

Needle Threader 3CT

Air Erase Purple Marker

Machine Needle Threader

Needle Threader 3CT

Chacopen Pink W/Eraser Air Erasable

4-In-1 Essential Sewing Tool

Disappearing Ink Marking Pen Pink

Disappearing Marking Pen Purple

Fat Cats Triangle Ruler

Paula Reid Fluff & Stuff DVD

Beyond The Basics Free Motion DVD

Batt Scooters

Batt Snips

Kraft-Tex Roll Natural

Half Square Triangle OG96

Ultra Weft Interfacing Natural

Armo Weft Interfacing Fusible

Whisper Weft Interfacing Fusible

Ground Black Walnut Shells 1 lb.

Santa's Calendar #215 Embroidery

Seasons Greetings #303 Set

Handi Bobs

Spooler Spindles

Seam Fix Seam Ripper

45 Double-Strip Kaleidoscope Ruler

Tumbler Ruler

Pineapple Trim Tool

Embroidery Perfection Tape 3/4" x 20"

F&P Water Soluble Fabric Glue

Red Barn Quilt Label

Tulip Quilt Label

Floral Border Quilt Label

Blue Border Quilt Label

Musical Spool Quilt Label

Golf Quilt Label #435

Wedding Bouquet Quilt Label #528

Pink Floral Quilt Label #546

Lavender Floral Quilt Label #550

Set H Large Hexagons Plus

Mini Binding Tool 2"

Itty Bitty Primitive Pinwheels

Sewing Machine Seam Guide

Superior Handy Nets 2 pack

Longarm Thread Socks

Inn-Spire Moldable 20" x 36"

Fasturn Singles #4 Tube and Hook 3/8"

Easy Turn Tube Turner

Star Interfacing Templates 3-Pack

Star Interfacing Templates 12-Pack

Pin Cushion Interfacing Templates 3-Pack

Fabric Folding Pen Refill Liquid

Ground Walnut Shells

Best Press Tea Rose 16 oz

Bitty Bag Fun Pack

Best Press Lavender Refill 32 oz

Best Press Linen Fresh Refill 32 oz

Best Press Peaches & Cream 32 oz Refill

Best Press Tea Rose Garden Refill 32 oz

Hera Marker

Double Scroll Split Bottom 24"

Pellon EZ Steam II Lite 12" x 25 yards

Purse Straps Daisy 32" 1005B Brown

Purse Straps Mum 32" Brown

Purse Straps Flower 32" Brown

Ground Walnut Shells Lavender

Wonder Clips 100 Count

Metal Handbag Feet Gold 4 count

Metal Handbag Feet Silver 4 count

Pelican Scissors TT08834

Bobbin Box

Inn-Spire Plus 20 x 36

Amazing Tape 1" Clear

Bosal 9"x12" Heat Moldable Double Sided

Scissors Tweezers 5" Curved Blade

Brush Fringe 1.5" Black


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